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Marriage & Family Resources

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The articles below provide biblical and practical guidance for strengthening families and responding to marital crisis should it occur.

General Resources

Marriage By Design

Abstract: Here is a comprehensive but concise overview of God's design for marriage as described in Scripture. (12 pp.)

Prayer of a Husband

Abstract: A special prayer for a husband to use to pray for his wife. (PDF)

Prayer of a Wife

Abstract: A special prayer for a wife to use to pray for her husband. (PDF)

Common Sense Parenting

Abstract: This article offers practical guidance for good parenting consistent with biblical principles. (5 pp.)

On Education of Children

Abstract: This sermon preached by John Wesley (1703-1791), founder of the Methodist movement, offers challenging and convicting guidance on how to train up a child in the way he should go. Some of Wesley's principles may sound shocking to modern ears, but they serve as an appropriate corrective to the permissive practices of so many parents today. (7 pp.)

Model Passover Seder for Christians

Abstract: This article presents a suggested format of a Passover celebration in a home setting. (8 pp.)

Marital Crisis

Anyone involved in a serious conflict or dispute should seek the advice and assistance of a competent biblical counselor.

Divorce in the Bible

Abstract: Divorce occurs unfortunately as much among Christians as the general public.  This article explores the scriptural issues pertaining to divorce and offers recommendations for response to marital crisis by local congregation leaders. (6 pp.)

Is Divorce the Answer?

Abstract: Divorce generally creates more problems than it solves.  "Incompatibility" is common to all marriages, but God desires that believing couples work for reconciliation and restoration of the marriage relationship. (2 pp.)

My Mate Wants a Divorce ~ What Do I Do?

Abstract: This monograph offers guidelines to those who learn that their spouse wants a divorce and may have even filed a petition in court. (2 pp. PDF)

My Mate Has Been Unfaithful ~ What Do I Do?

Abstract: The sin of adultery is one of the most serious  wounds a spouse can experience.  The hurt is real, but God wants to heal that hurt and by His grace restore your relationship with your spouse. (2 pp. PDF)

Marital Readiness for Reconciliation Guide

Abstract:  A three-page Bible study and questionnaire to help spouses in conflict to examine the past, present and future before attempting reconciliation. Ideal for pastors and counselors to use to promote understanding and healing. (2 pp.)

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