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Every Christian should learn about the Messianic Jewish movement and Messianic Judaism, since the roots of the Christian faith grew from Jewish soil. Unfortunately, Christianity chose to separate from its Jewish roots centuries ago with catastrophic results. Now in these modern times a great revival has been occurring among Jews who are seeking and finding their Messiah. The information provided below is intended to aid Christian education about Messianic Judaism and encourage fellowship and partnership with Messianic Jewish congregations.

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Blaine Robison, Book List for Messianic Judaism. Books on the history, polity & work of Messianic Judaism.
Blaine Robison, Bible Study Library. Bibles, commentaries and other resources by Messianic Jewish authors.
Blaine Robison, The Lie of Replacement Theology.
Daniel Juster, Anti-Messianic Judaism, A Brief Summary. (16 pp., PDF)
Daniel Juster and Peter Hocken, The Messianic Jewish Movement: An Introduction. (PDF)
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Messianic Judaism.


A Historical Survey of 52 Prominent Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua (1506-2001), The Association of Messianic Congregations.
Hugh Schonfield (1901-1988), History of Jewish Christianity. (PDF)
Philip Schaff (1819-1893), The Seven Ecumenical Councils (PDF)

Jewish Evangelism

Isaac Lichenstein (18241909), An Appeal to the Jewish People.
Messianic Jewish Movement International, The Five Jewish Laws. (witnessing tool)

Messianic Jewish Organizations and Affiliations

Ministries in Israel

These ministries and organizations located in Israel serve the poor and needy, especially among Jewish believers, as well as sharing the good news of the Messiah. Check their websites for current activities.

HaTikvah Project (The Hope Project), Jerusalem, supporting needy Messianic believers.
Hope4Israel, Jerusalem, feeding the poor and providing financial assistance for rebuilding homes.
Love For Israel Relief Fund, Jerusalem, serving needy children in the Land.
Shevet Achim, Jerusalem, providing medical treatment of Palestinian children in Israel's hospitals,
Tents of Mercy, Kiryat Yam (near Haifa), operating humanitarian aid centers in northern Israel.

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